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30 Days of Healing Meditations

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30 Days of Healing Meditations

In a world of increasing violence and challenges, can we heal ourselves? Can we pass this healing on to our families and communities? Can our individual steps in a positive direction have a spiraling effect and help to restore peace in the universe? Healing begins with self knowledge. Self knowledge gives us the personal power to lead a more balanced and integrated life. Self knowledge activates our hopes and inspirations. With this core of skills we begin to extend more energy and grace not only to ourselves, but to others. Actions and deeds closely aligned give us an incredible power source that can be nurtured and energized.

When we try to help another person without thoughts of remuneration, there will always be others there to point the direction in which we may go. We make changes by being flexible and open. No life is fixed. By nurturing our divine energy, we accept, appreciate and celebrate our own strengths. We provide the main course, rather than looking for others to define what it should be. We remind ourselves that other people and material things only supply the dessert.

You begin 30 Days of Healing Meditations in a quiet space where there are no distractions. After you read your meditation which takes a few minutes-reflect on it. Read it again and then begin your journal. What meaning does this have for you, the past, present or future? How does this meditation fit into your understanding and purpose of the people in your life: family, friends and acquaintances? To what events, feelings, ideas and experiences in your life does this apply?

Put your lifestyle into this meditation.
When you give each meditation
your meaning
 it becomes a tool for opening your mind to receive new insights and perspectives. Explore the feelings of love, faith, purpose, forgiveness, expanded visions, loss of a loved one and more with "new eyes" in 30 Days of Healing Meditations. Yes, it requires work, but the benefits continue to accelerate and expand-filling your quiet space with Peace. A special place where you willingly return to and embrace.

30 Days of Healing Meditations

(e-book in downloadable .pdf format, 46 pages)

Available with two free supplements -

EXERCISE with an


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