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 Search Lights for my Soul
Peggy M. Fisher
Pyramid Collection (2006)
ISBN 0966255119
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for Reader Views (1/07)

“Search Lights for My Soul” by Peggy Fisher is filled with reflections, scriptures and affirmations. The scriptures are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible. Ms. Fisher expresses her deep faith through her reflections. “If you have the will, God will show you the way.”

Ms. Fisher wisely recognizes that we must seek solitude to hear God’s voice.” We are bombarded with so many stimuli in our daily lives that it is difficult to hear God’s voice.” We do not have to completely reject others we just need to seek a short time to listen to God. If we never took the time to listen to our spouse we would weaken that connection. Our relationship with God needs the same connection.

Prayer is the way we converse with God. “When you saturate your prayers with conviction and faith, they vibrate into your unconscious and create positive changes: begin your meditation with a prayer or a reading from the Scriptures.” “When the storm clouds gather, don’t’ say to God, “I can’t.” Tell the gathering storm, “God is more powerful than you.”

Too often we refuse to look for the good in life, to search for the positive. Ms. Fisher states it well when she wrote, “We peer into shadows, rather than catching a glimpse of the light.”

Peggy Fisher allows her light to shine bright in her book “Search Lights for My Soul.” She shares her faith with her readers in a prose that few are capable of. The words are simple and the message heart felt. All readers will feel the depths of her faith. The cover is beautifully done with a lit candle. That candle must represent Ms. Fisher. I highly recommend this book to all who love the Lord.


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