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is a belief system that gives you peace of mind.


Welcome To Our Home Where We Celebrate



May those who enter this house share
love and joy as well as sorrow.

Let every voice be heard with
respect and understanding
loving, listening and lifting-
reaching for the sun beyond the clouds,
gathering strength-uniting all within
keeping us centered for all our tomorrows.

Sharing and caring make this house

In this space we celebrate Faith, Hope and the greatest gift -- Love.
How do we define Love?

Love is the ocean, deep and endless.
Love is the cosmos with an abundance of stars to explore.
Love is the rainbows of regeneration following the storm.
Love is watching the early buds of Spring break through the ground.
Love is watching the wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and other mammals migrate across the Serengeti plains in Kenya.

Love is a myriad of visions, feelings and thoughts from the universal to the personal-
Love is a racing heart looking at your beloved.
Love is having your toes curl up with a tasty meal.
Love is a friend that accepts you with all your warts.
Love is an old pair of shoes that knows where your corns
are and respects them.
Love is your pet who snuggles up to you unconditionally.
Love is a belief system that gives you peace of mind.
Love is a deeply rooted emotion that allows you to enter
the feelings of others and extend a hand to them.
Love is an evergreen eternity.

Love- The Greatest Gift

Love opens the door to our treasures within
More precious than silver, fine gold and
any material possessions we may hold.

Love is kind and patient,
never jealous, boastful, proud or rude.
Love rejoices in the Truth, but not in Evil.
Love is always supportive,
loyal, hopeful and trusting.

Love is charity,
unselfishness and good will.
It is the milk of human kindness.

Love is being productive and
allowing others to grow
along with you.

Love avoids conflict
whenever possible.
It doesn't harbor bitterness
nor plot revenge.

Love is optimistic
reaching for the stars and beyond.

Love spreads the sunshine of goodwill
in the darkest corners.
It doesn't keep a record of wrongs that others do.

Love teaches us to extinguish anger
with the green oasis of peace.

Love compliments every experience-
transcending, uplifting, healing, revitalizing-
It is an energy that never dies.

Love is more than a romantic sentiment-
It is the life- giving force that bonds our universe.

Love never fails because God is Love.

Love is a Tall Order, because we all lead imperfect lives.
But we can embrace love if we make the
difficult, but rewarding CHOICES

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email: pyramidcl@cs.com

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